Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2020 R3

May 27, 2021

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2020R3 is available. The following items are updated: Stability, fire resistance, DCF, transverse reinforcement, METEOR, import of files, design strength of soil, analysis of truss joints, unification, punching shear, eccentricities of masses, support node, wall cleanup, snow load, piles, SAPFIR-GENERATOR


  • Combinations with dynamic load cases are ignored when you define the input data for fire resistance analysis (by DCL).
  • Enhanced analysis of reinforcement (with account of fire resistance) in shear force for the section with dimension >100 cm.
  • Modified generation of nonlinear stress-strain diagram for concrete for the DCF group A1 according to analysis results of reinforcement.
  • Enhanced option to assign types of pilot reinforcement (PR) to bars with account of symmetric/asymmetric reinforcement for columns and beams.
  • Modified analysis of transverse reinforcement in shear force for RC elements according to SP 63.13330.2012/2018.
  • Modified analysis of reinforcement by serviceability limit state for RC elements of circular/ring sections according to SP 63.13330.2012/2018.
  • In METEOR system, it is possible to delete several problems (at the same time) from the list of integrated problems.
  • Modified import of files *.stl, *.mesh, *.msh, *.obj, *.poly in 64-bit version of LIRA-SAPR.
  • Fixed bug: when for some imported loads the program did not compute design strength of soil at the level of load application.
  • Fixed bug in transferring loads to the SOIL system in case when number of groups of loads in *.lir file is less in comparison with the number of groups previously transferred and saved to *.sld file.
  • Analysis of reinforcement is restored for the integrated problem obtained by analysis rsults of METEOR system by DCF+.
  • Modified options to open and save RC materials for files from version 2021.
  • Fixed bug: account of local moment in analysis of truss joint.
  • Analysis of eccentrically compressed elements of I-section is modified for EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009.
  • New option to use unification for the integrated problems in METEOR system ('DCF+' mode).
  • Clarified analysis by DCL for punching shear contour according to SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011.
  • When the columns base is analysed, it is possible to apply bolts with diameter 80mm.
  • Fixed bug: program failure in case you edit design model and evaluate analysis results at the same time (in different program windows).
  • Fixed bug: in saving accidental eccentricities (eak) defined for dynamic load cases.
  • In the Steel tables ('Steel Rolled Shapes' module) it is possible to save additional columns with user-defined parameters of steel for different thickness values of rolled shapes (columns 15-20 in the table).
  • In analysis of support joint of truss from rectangular pipes, clarified calculation of forces on high strength bolts.


  • Enhanced transfer of surface loads to VISOR-SAPR module.
  • Restored option to make a cleanup (manually) of the wall for the slab.
  • Restored option to define the snow load according to NP to SP RK EN 1991-1-3:2005/2017.
  • For the arroy of piles, it is possible to consider ratotion angle about the Z-axis that was defined in properties of the structure.
  • Enhanced option to copy storeys with stairs for which load values are defined.


  • New option to extract lines from the surface generated by formula with node 'SurfForm' - Defining the surface with formula.
  • Enhanced generation of lines in node 'JoinLn' - Connection of the specified lines in series.
  • Enhanced node 'StoreyPro' - Advanced generation of storeys at specified levels.

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