Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2020 R3

March 1, 2021

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2020R3 is available. The following items are updated: integration with Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel, import of *.txt, Batch Analysis Mode, generation of nonlinear stiffness, measurement units, compatibility of files, progressive collapse, STO 36554501-006-2006, SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011, METEOR (Method of unified complete result) - enhanced options for MODEL VARIATION system



  • Corrected import of analysis results to the Autodesk Revit model, added import of selected reinforcement from LIRA-SAPR program when you work with Ukrainian language interface.

  • Corrected export of certain built-up steel sections from VISOR-SAPR to the *.STP format (for integration with Advance Steel DStV PSS).

Unified graphic environment (VISOR-SAPR module)

  • Corrected error when the groups of coupled DOF are imported from the text file in case hinge supports for slabs are simulated.

  • Corrected imprecise presentation of the total intensity on mosaic plots of loads in case the surface loads are added to the block of loads when the elements are copied.

  • For the group of problems analysed in the Batch Analysis Mode, new option to check the pilot reinforcement for RC elements.

  • Enhanced algorithm for generation of physically nonlinear stiffness by results from analysis of reinforcement for elements:

    • for elements that became physically nonlinear, the following data is saved: input data for analyses of steel and RC elements, information about unification groups and structural elements;
    • when unification results for selected reinforcement are used together with piecewise linear stress-strain law (14), numerical values for parameters of nonlinear law are modified according to the current units of measurement.
  • Corrected option to convert the measurement units for nodal load of accelerogram type.

  • Corrected error in compatibility of files when you open problems in Demo version.

Steel Structures

  • In geometrically nonlinear problems with progressive collapse that are defined with dynamic factors (quasistatic), now it is possible to carry out analysis of steel structures by design combinations of forces (DCF).
  • Enhanced import of results of the static and dynamic analysis for certain steel elements in case more than 300 static load cases are defined for the problem.

  • Enhanced analysis of steel structures according to AISC LRFD 2nd edition for the axially tensile elements.

  • Clarified the shear force for bearing capacity of steel beam according to Eurocode 3.1.1 EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009.

  • Enhanced flexural-torsional buckling analysis of steel profiles according to Eurocode 3.1.1 EN 1993-1-1:2005/AC:2009.

Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Corrected analysis of reinforcement in plate elements with account of fire resistance according to STO 36554501-006-2006.

  • In analysis of RC elements, enhanced analysis according to SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011 'Design of RC structures'.

METEOR (Method of unified complete result)

  • METEOR (Method of unified complete result) Enhanced options for MODEL VARIATION system. For the problems united in METEOR system by design combinations of forces (DCF+), arbitrary order is allowed for time history analysis, static & dynamic analyses.


  • Eliminated incorrect duplication of load on slab when the meshed model is generated. The load was duplicated if the thickening was defined along the slab contour.

  • Enhanced generation of horizontal and vertical triangulation lines for the openings in the curvilinear walls.

  • Enhanced import of user-defined sections (generated with Cross-section Design Toolkit) to the project library of SAPFIR sections.

  • Enhanced option to edit the snap type for walls when the lower level of wall is defined from the storey top.

  • Restored option to edit trusses through the control points.

  • Restored option to edit the punching shear contour manually (option to move the points of the contour).

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