ESPRI 2020

ESPRI 2020 is available now. New modules in the 'Foundations and beddings' chapter, added options in modules of the 'Static and dynalic analyses, stability' chapter, modifications in other modules.

December 10, 2020
Engineering Assistance Package ESPRI 2020 is available now. Download

New module in the 'Foundations and beddings' chapter

  • Module 'Analysis of single pile by DBN' is mentioned to analyse the settlement of a single pile according to Modification No.1 to DBN B.2.1-10:2009.

'Static and dynalic analyses, stability' chapter

  • New option in the 'Shell on circular plan' module: to compute with account of geometrically nonlinear strain; simple step-type method is realized.

Enhancements are provided and the user feedback is considered in the following modules:

  • Composite steel and concrete slabs;
  • Analysis of timber structures;
  • Analysis of single pile;
  • Diaphragm;
  • Punching shear analysis (Eurocode);
  • Prestressing;
  • Sheet piling.

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