New release LIRA-FEM R3 is presented.

November 29, 2017

New release LIRA-FEM R3 is presented.


List of modifications

  • Building code for reinforced concrete structures TKP EN 192-1-1-2009 (Belarus) is supported; this building code is adapted from Eurocode 2.

Setting properties of the construction option.png

Parameters of design option
  • Modified option: analysis of reinforcement in masonry structures, logically enhanced procedure of defining materials for masonry structures.
  • Added option: import of design models from Revit Structure 2018.
  • Added option: compatibility between KM-SAPR module and AutoCAD 2018.
  • Enhanced options: to copy materials between design options and to assign materials to elements of design model, additional check for correctness in copy procedure.
  • Clarified: analysis of principal and equivalent stresses for the standard section type Channel.
  • Added option: to check whether updates for LIRA-FEM program are available. Appropriate command is added to the HELP menu.  Unlike releases, the updates contain only corrected modules and do not require reinstallation of the program.
  • Added option: new examples in Tutorial. The examples have step-by-step instructions explaining every aspect of the procedure in LIRA-FEM program. They also make you familiar with the growing capacities of program interface: 
    • analysis of 3D framework of the RC structure and import of selected reinforcement for further nonlinear analysis; 
    • analysis of two-span beam with NonLinear Engineering Design system.

Detected and removed errors

  • Added option: additional check for correct unification groups of structural elements during geometric modifications in design model; this check prevents possible disagreement in previously created unification groups.
  • Corrected error (in previous release): new elements of Report Book were lost when the problem was closed.
  • Corrected error: core distance Y2 of arbitrary section when LiraKM files are imported.
  • Corrected error: occured when you start analysis of the problem in case the model contains structural elements but unification of structural elements is not defined.  
  • Modified option: account of design requirements for flexural elements in the module of reinforcement according to SP 63.13330.2012.
  • Modified option: warning about increased reinforcement ( N > N critical ) is displayed in the module of reinforcement according to SP 63.13330.2012.
  • Corrected error (DCF): in case of dynamic module 24 when mutual exclusion between variants is defined. Variant real and imaginary component of harmonic load.
  • Modified option: accompanying for instant and earthquake loads when generating DCF.
  • Corrected error: in generation of DCF groups.
  • Modified option: for physically nonlinear problems, enhanced algorithm for arrangement of regular point reinforcement for the ring section.
Arrangement of point reinforcement for the annular section.pngPattern for point reinforcement in the ring section
  • Corrected error: when you click the range of errors on the colour palette, the program selected not only error but certain correct elements as well.
  • Corrected error: occured when you start analysis of super-element problem that contains elements for which real stiffnesses are not necessary (FE53, FE54, FE57). 
  • Restored option: displacement values at nodes for dynamic load cases Harmonic vibrations (dynamic modules 24 and 28) in the Information about node dialog box.
  • Clarified figures on mosaic plots with values of relative displacements by mode shapes.
  • Clarified calculation for cone of friction (the friction that is not considered along the side surface of the pile).

The third release of LIRA-SAPR 2017 contains updated Help system.   


  • Added: account of load-bearing layer in multi-layer walls in analysis of masonry structures.
  • Enhanced import of floor plans (*.dxf):
    • window and door openings are automatically filled;
    • openings may be defined in walls;
    • option to generate piles, columns, walls, partitions, windows, doors and openings (in walls) according to dimensions and thickness of objects determined automatically based on *.dxf contours;
    • restored option to save parameters assigned to layer. It is possible to download the saved parameters to the project and apply them once again.
  • Enhanced option to import main and additional reinforcement to Tekla Structures.
  • Enhanced algorithm for automatic collection of wind loads: when generating wind load, the load is applied to the whole structure rather than to visible storeys.
  • Added: new building code for design of reinforced concrete structures TKP EN 192-11-1-2009 (Belarus) in properties of the project.
  • Enhanced algorithm for generating punching shear contours for columns-pylons near the openings.
  • Added option: to edit (in groups) properties for analytical models of stairs.
  • Dimension to the gravity centre of reinforcement defined in design parameters for an element is now interrelated with concrete cover of reinforcement that is displayed in properties of slab. These parameters are used for punching shear analysis in VISOR-SAPR and now they are interrelated.
  • Option to define rounding modulus for linear dimension and the chain of dimensions.
  • In Design of RC structures module for column reinforcement, you could define the step between stirrups in the third (upper) zone.
  • Option to visualize zone of reinforcement in the diaphragm as pair of rebars.
  • Enhanced algorithm for arrangement of rebars tags when generating the view of column reinforcement.
  • Rounding modulus for dimensions of stirrups and studs in specifications and lists of components.

Detected and removed errors

  • Corrected error: in presentation of load from space when the storeys are copied.
  • Corrected error: location of specification of reinforcement on the sheet of drawing.
  • Corrected error: design options when you select several building codes for reinforced concrete and masonry structures.
  • Corrected error: in selecting windows and doors with the filter by parameters.
  • Corrected error: in saving the cross-section of piles for VISOR-SAPR.

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