New release LIRA-FEM R2 is presented on July, 17.

July 20, 2017
New release LIRA-FEM R2 is presented on July, 17.  

Modifications available in new release of the program

  • New finite elements are added: 2D triangular FE of soil body (FE 82), 2D quadrilateral FE of soil body (FE 84), 2-node that simulates undoundary soil body located outside design model (FE 67).
  • Added option: graph of kinetic energy is added to the output data in time history analysis.Graph of kinetic energy
  • Added option: when you create unification groups of structural elements it is possible to select the type of unification.
  • Added option: for RC and steel materials, more options to copy and assign materials between design options in the Copy properties of design option dialog box.Copy properties of design option
  • Added option: output data after analysis of masonry structures now contains mosaic plot with errors in analysis at certain piers.
  • Enhanced option: standard tables with output data from analysis of masonry structures.
  • Added option: analysis of pile stiffness now supports modification No.1 to SP 24.13330.2011 Pile foundations implemented on June 04, 2017.
  • Added option: link between LIRA-SAPR 2017 and Tekla Structures 2017.
  • Enhanced options to generate and edit multimaterial cross-sections in the Cross-section Design Toolkit module.

Identified errors and bugs are corrected

  • Corrected error occurred when you start analysis for problems where additional system ASSEMBLAGE is used and assemblage tables are available.
  • Corrected error in documentation system; occurred when tables of output data were generated after analysis of steel structures.
  • Corrected error occurred when you preview or edit the DCL table in case the total number of rows in the DCL table was greater than 1000.
  • Corrected error in reading from LIR-file of previous version the data about unified structural elemements that contain references to deleted but not packed finite elements.  
  • Corrected error in documentation system; occurred when tables of unified DCF were generated if unification was defined in more than one design option (tables of unified DCF were not generated for design options with numbers greater than 1).
  • Minor bugs are corrected.


  • For the system Panel buildings, added option: to apply modifications in properties of mark of joint (made in the Library of joints) to all samples of this mark located in the model.  Modifications are applied to joints created in automatic arrangement.
  • Enhanced option: import of design model from Tekla Structures.
  • Reinforcement selected in LIRA-FEM and designed in Design of RC structures is now imported to structural elements of Tekla Structures.
  • Added option: in analytical model of stairs it is possible to select the load case for the load on staircases and strings.Select load case for load on staircase
  • Added option to copy buildings within the same project and from one project to another.
  • Modified calculation of stiffness in contact joint when you click Recalculate.
  • Added option: approximation step in analytical model for curvilinear walls and beams.
  • Added option: interpretation Load to the object of type space, column, 3D body.
  • Enhanced option to copy openings in slabs to other stories.  
  • Restored option to modify the triangulation step for bars.
  • Restored option to save (to file) the building code for loads and design options defined for the project.  
  • Enhanced option to create dimensions parallel to the X-axis for the views of diaphram.
  • Corrected options to edit surface load, to sum load on slab with the dead weight, to apply loads from partitions to the level of its storey.
  • Corrected bug: lost of materials assigned to objects when the model file is saved.
  • For reinforcement in columns, corrected bug when the same mark was assigned to stirrups of different length.
  • Minor bugs are corrected.

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