October 21, 2015

LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO version is presented. This version is prepared based on the updated third release of LIRA-SAPR R3. The third release also contains sereval corrections that enable you to avoid possible cases of inproper work in program algorithms for certain specific problems. Reliability of LIRA-SAPR 2015 R3 in OS Windows 10 is enhanced.

LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO provides access to all elements of user interface, makes the user familiar with all new modes of the program, enables you to generate design models (without considerable limitations) of the structures of different purpose. If the size of problem is within the demo limitations, then you could save and analyse the problem. LIRA-SAPR 2015 Demo also includes Study version of SAPFIR-3D 2015 including SAPFIR-Structures and SAPFIR-RC modules with min limitations.

Please note that you could also install non-commercial version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R4* in order to evaluate LIRA-SAPR with no limitations imposed on DEMO version.

In LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO you could evaluate new document system for output data and generate updated report books. DEMO version also contains complete Help system for the program.

LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO may be used as universal viewer for problems analysed in certified complete versions of LIRA-SAPR 2015. In DEMO version you could evaluate and generate output data for any previously analysed problems of any complexity.

Parameters of problems allowed for demo version of LIRA-SAPR 2015

number of nodes in design model - up to 1000;

number of elements in design model - up to 1000;

number of load cases - up to 4;

stiffness types: standard sections (rectangular bar and ring section), all steel sections and stiffnesses described numerically.

The following analyses can be performed in demo version of LIRA-SAPR 2015

static analysis - for all types of loads;

dynamic analysis - modal analysis of the structure (mode shapes and frequencies of natural vibrations);

stability analysis of the structure;

analysis of principal and equivalent stresses according to various criteria of rupture;

analysis of design combinations of forces (DCF);

analysis of design combinations of loads (DCL);

analysis of loads on the fragment;

demo analyses of reinforced concrete sections (only predefined classes of concrete and reinforcement) and steel sections (demo steel properties).

You could download LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO free of charge from official website and install on any number of computers in order to evaluate the software and its options.

download LIRA-SAPR 2015 DEMO

• DCF calculation: modified alorithm for mutual exclusion of load cases by assemblage stages for problems of ASSEMBLAGE system;

• DCL calculation: new option to make DCL calculation even if there are empty load cases (with no loads) in the specified list of load cases;

• when you unite group of bars located in succession into one finite element, it is possible to consider nodal loads from intermediate nodes and transform them into local loads on bars;

• distributed loads on edge of plate FE are checked so that incorrect load application to the edge with non-existent number is forbidden, e.g. the load on the 4th edge when quadrilateral plate FE is divided into two triangular FE;

• text tables for punching shear reinforcement correct output data in case number of design options was modified;

• steel table of square shapes according to GOST 30245-2012 is added to the database of steel tables and several slignt modifications.


• Enhanced option to save elements to the project library in order to use them in this project or other ones.

• When you create load it is possible to fix it to the plane of generation (option to 0 LCS) (Fig.1).

Sheets dialog box: new commands to modify the ordinal number of the drawing.


• On the view of beam reinforcement you could hide support elements (columns, walls).

• For selected parts of reinforcement it is possible to automatically present their dimensions and location relative to grid.

• Enhanced edit options for oblique-angled parts of reinforcement.

Several general modifications that improve stable operation of the program: edit options for punching shear contours, import of IFC files (Renga); option to crop the lines; export of loads to VISOR-SAPR module.

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