Update LIRA-SAPR 2014 R2

New mode for analysis of steel structures; METEOR system: enhanced parallel work with other applications; Output data for analysis of loads on fragment and inertial loads may be visualized as mosaic plots and more...

August 18, 2014
Update LIRA-SAPR 2014 R2 (structural engineering program) is available now.

• Corrosion - new mode for analysis of steel structures is presented. For sections of steel elements it is possible to define depth of corrosion in mm. In this case, new geometric properties are computed with account of thinning from corrosion. There properties will be applied for static & dynamic analyses and for check procedure in the analysis of steel structures (STC-SAPR module).

Input data for corrosive wear


Check for steel sections with account of corrosive wear

METEOR system: enhanced parallel work with other applications;

• enhanced options for Graphic Organizer: option to make page layout for selected images; serial numbers are automatically assigned to names of saved images; additional settings to save images in *.PNG format;

• restored option to check and select steel structures for problems with time-history analysis;

• for 64-bit version of program: modified export of analysis results for steel structures into *.STP file;

• added option: output data for analysis of loads on fragment and inertial loads may be visualized as mosaic plots; for problems with super-elements enhanced presentation of values for loads on fragment inside the super-elements displayed in full;

Inertial forces are visualized as mosaic plots

• improved procedure for data exchange between VISOR-SAPR and SAPFIR modules;

• modified option to generate new fragment of design model in SAPFIR module: basic FEs are transferred not only to Structures mode but to Architechture mode as well; basic finite elements transferred from VISOR-SAPR module remain invariable in intersection and triangulation procedures;

• dialog box Structural blocks: modified sorting for the list of structural blocks by criterion Materials;

• new option: filters by FE geometry now contain new criterion by distance between nodes;

• in the 3D view window it is possible to display all contour plots of results generated in the main window of the program; you could also hide schematic presentation for offsets in bars and plates;

• for problems with defined assemblage tables: enhanced calculation of total loads from design combinations of loads (DCL) for different assemblage stages;

• cases of unintentional calculation of subgrade moduli C1, C2 at random FEs are eliminated;

• calculation of subgrade moduli C1, C2: restored accurate account of elevation for the base of the foundation slab specified in SOIL system;

Help system and Tutorial

LIRA-SAPR 2014 R2 contains enhanced Help system for the program and Tutorial with new examples.

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