SAPFIR-3D 2013 R3

SAPFIR-3D 2013 R3 is available now.

December 5, 2013
SAPFIR-3D 2013 R3 is available now.

  • added option: English language for user interface is available;
  • added option: check for location of walls and columns within the storeys. This check is helpful when objects and models are imported from *.ifc files. The check procedure is the following: if a column or wall is located geometrically within the limits of a certain storey, then after import from *.ifc file this wall or storey will be located just at this storey;
  • enhanced option: generation of physical models from bar structures (based on beams) by models obtained from VISOR-SAPR through *.txt file;
  • new option: to generate group of beams with the specified cross section across a set of selected lines;
  • expanded list of objects for which specifications may be generated. There are composite blocks that consist of structural elements of different types – beams, columns, bars of arbitrary location.

    ‘Design of RC structuresstructures’ module:

  • enhanced options for graphic editing of reinforcing members on sectional elevations and plans.
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