LIRA-SAPR 2013 R3 is presented now. User interface for SAPFIR-Structures module is presented in English. Now all main modules and components of LIRA-SAPR 2013 will have common language for interface for all (including non-cyrillic) language versions of Windows. To much more...

December 5, 2013
Structural engineering program LIRA-SAPR 2013 R3 is available now.

User interface for SAPFIR-Structures module is presented in English. Now all main modules and components of LIRA-SAPR 2013 will have common language for interface for all (including non-cyrillic) language versions of Windows.

Main modifications and improvements in LIRA-SAPR 2013 R3:

  • modified dialog box for design combinations of loads (DCL). It is possible to change the dialog box size; coefficients for components of dynamic load cases are defined by default;
  • enhanced algorithm for calculation of design combinations of forces (DCF) for accompanying load cases;
  • for bars with variable cross section, new option to define groups of mutual exclusion in DCF;
  • enhanced option: considerably less time for generation of input data text files for problems that contain a great number of groups of coulped DOF, e.g. imported from MONOMAKH slabs and shells that are supported by walls;
  • modified option to copy stiffnesses and materials from one design model to another: it is possible to copy materials for several design options;
  • new option: when saving desing model, it is possible to automatically pack empty perfectly rigid bodies (PRB) and groups of coupled DOF that contain less then two nodes;
  • new option: in contour triangulation mode you could obtain in series several triangulated fragments and not to return to the main window of program;
  • enhanced option: visualization of analysis results for bars in which reinforcement is not selected (for design models in which analysis of reinforcement in bar elements is carried out);
  • enhanced option: account of partial safety factor for concrete in analysis of reinforcement in plate elements according to SP 63.13330.2012;
  • enhanced algorithms for refreshing colour palette of reinforcement in Zoom and Fragmentation modes (RC and Steel structures mode of the program);
  • expanded list of user-defined colour settings for the scale that are saved to *.col files; new user-defined colour palettes for RC structures mode of the program;
  • great number of elements included into unification groups for automatic generation of nonlinear stiffnesses;
  • enhanced option: in analysis on earthquake loads by SNIP II-7-81 (dynamic module 20), coefficient K2 (table 4 SNIP) depending on number of storeys in the structure is taken into account and vertical inertial forces are calculated;
  • for design models with super-elements, recalculation of load on fragment from super-element is allowed;
  • for design models with super-elements, modified presentation of tables with results from analysis of reinforcement for separate super-elements;
  • restored option: for 64-bit version of LIRA-SAPR 2013, import of DXF floor plans;
  • restored option: for 64-bit version of LIRA-SAPR 2013, export of forces calculated in bar finite elements from VISOR-SAPR to Section of Bar module (SB-SAPR) and Section of Thin-walled Bar module (STB-SAPR).

    SAPFIR-Structures module:

  • added option: English language for user interface is available;
  • added option: check for location of walls and columns within the storeys. This check is helpful when objects and models are imported from *.ifc files. The check procedure is the following: if a column or wall is located geometrically within the limits of a certain storey, then after import from *.ifc file this wall or storey will be located just at this storey;
  • enhanced option: generation of physical models from bar structures (based on beams) by models obtained from VISOR-SAPR through *.txt file;
  • new option: to generate group of beams with the specified cross section across a set of selected lines;
  • expanded list of objects for which specifications may be generated. There are composite blocks that consist of structural elements of different types beams, columns, bars of arbitrary location.

    Design of RC structuresstructures module:

  • enhanced options for graphic editing of reinforcing members on sectional elevations and plans.

    SOIL system:

  • modified option: calculation of settlements of pile foundation for cases when depth of borehole is less than elevation of pile heel;
  • modified algorithm for generation of contour plots when determining contour plots on enlarged rectangular grid that describes load contours;
  • restored calculation of subgrade moduli C1 and C2 on enlarged grid that describes load contours.

    LARM-SAPR module (analysis & design of separate reinforced concrete elements):

  • modified option: determining safety factors when you check reinforcement pattern in 64-bit version of this module for SNIP 2.03.01-84*.

    SRS-SAPR module (Steel Rolled Shapes):

  • modified option: sort order for steels in certain files of steel tables.

    Several insignificant bugs are corrected.

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