Update LIRA-SAPR 2012 R3.2

April 11, 2013
Update to LIRA-SAPR 2012 R3 is presented.

Update R3.2 includes realization of significant requests and comments from users of LIRA-SAPR 2012 R3. These requests were sent to our Technical Support Team and/or published at our official Forum.

Important modifications presented in LIRA-SAPR 2012 R3.2:
    - added option (at many requests of our clients): KM-SAPR module is now compatible with AutoCAD 2013;
    - enhanced option: check of input data when generating DCF table, groups of coupled DOF;
    - enhanced option: work with design models that contain super-elements;
    - enhanced option: compatibility of graphic user interface with OS WINDOWS 8.

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