The 10th architectural student competition STEEL FREEDOM will start on 1 September. LIRALAND Group supports the talented youth of Ukraine, students of architectural and construction specialties. We are once again partners of the architectural student competition STEEL FREEDOM.

August 31, 2023

Young architects and designers will implement their boldest creative ideas in the implementation of the rehabilitation center project for military personnel and war veterans in Zhytomyr.

This year, the competitive task will have a great social orientation and, as usual, will be based on the actual architectural, planning and constructive requirements of the construction customer, which were presented by the Zhytomyr City Council.

Participants will develop and propose conceptual projects of a rehabilitation center using steel structures for consideration by an authoritative jury.

We would like to remind that students of architects and designers of 3-6 courses out of 14 specialized Ukrainian higher education institutions can participate in the competition . You can become a member of STEEL FREEDOM or learn more about the competition by visiting the official website.

Team registration will take place from 1 September to 2 October, 2023, and projects can be submitted until 1 November.

The final, with an online broadcast, during which the winners will be determined, will be held on 25 November.

The prize fund of the competition is divided between the 1st place - UAH 30,000, 2nd place - UAH 25,000 and 3rd place  UAH 20,000

Prizes from LIRALAND Group

To the general prize fund from the organizers and sponsors, our company adds an award for 1st place - an annual license to use LIRA-FEM FULL.

We will also award a prize to, in our opinion, the best work in terms of constructive solutions and the correctness of the presented calculations.

To participate in the nomination, it is necessary to complete the mandatory items, and the completion of additional items increases the chance of receiving a prize. For the possibility of making calculations, we provide a temporary license.

Mandatory items:

  • Performance of the strength calculation, with visualization of the calculation results (stress-deformed state of the structure), force and deformation of the design scheme.
  • If there are columns, beams, trusses made of steel section in the design scheme, it is necessary to select/check the metal profile.
  • Calculation of the node of steel structures.

Additional points:

  • Calculation of reinforcement of structures.
  • Generation of model in Sapfir
  • Using functions Sapfir-Generator.
  • Import of model from Revit to LIRA-SAPR.
  • Import of model from Tekla to LIRA-SAPR.
  • Import of model with the help IFC file.
  • Designing and creation drawings of r/c elements.

Temporary license:

In order to obtain a temporary license for the use of the LIRA-FEM software complex, it is necessary:

  • Register on our website 

  • Send your login to the e-mail with the topic "Obtaining a temporary license. STEEL FREEDOM 2023

  Read the conditions, competition tasks and register on the competition website

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