Cathedral of Holy Trinity

Design model:  KAPITELI Ltd.
Architect:  Archil Mindiashvili
Location:  Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Height of Cathedral of Holy Trinity is 101m, its volume together with entrance galleries is 137,000 cubic metres. Catherdal comprises 10 churches.
  • Foundation slab beneath cathedral solid reinforced concrete slab with thickness 100cm at elevation -12.5m. Framework and domes monolithic reinforced concrete.

Analysis is carried out on static and earthquake loads

  • Number of unknowns 81156
  • Matrix bandwidth 74297
  • Number of elements 21002
  • Number of nodes 14548
  • Number of load cases 7
  • Number of active masses 39495
  • Time for analysis 5.43 min

The following authours took part in the process of project approval in 1994: A.Mindiashvili, E.Kiziriya, Z.Okroshidze, L.Kurtanidze, V.Demetrashvili. Preliminary analyses were carried out in LIRA-PK_2 program. Later, the following leading specialists joined the team for analysis and evaluation of data: A.Lebanidze, K.Odishvili, D.Giginejshvili. Analyses were carried out in LIRA-Windows (versions 5.3, 8.0, 8.2 and 9.0).



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