Business centre 101 Tower

Photo by: Sergiy Kotko
Design model: Gorodetsky design bureau
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Design model

Design model presented in the figure below contains 679107 nodes and 935707 elements. Diaphragms, base slab and floor slabs are simulated with triangular and quadrilateral finite elements of shell. Beams and columns are simulated with bars. Piles are simulated with solids. In the figure below you will see the fragment of pile in soil body.

Soil body is simulated with solids; stiffness properties are assigned according to engineering geological properties of layers and taking into account the fact that modulus of elasticity is increasing along the depth.

101 Tower.png

Analysis is carried out in two stages:

stage 1 - computing the stress strain state of elements in soil from the dead weight of soil according to data obtained in engineering geological survey;

stage 2 - excavation of soil from the basement and assembling the whole structure; stress strain state of the structure is computed from all applied dead, live and short-term loads.

ne more tower structural analysis among designs made by our company.



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