How to calculate piled foundation?

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How to calculate piled foundation?
Hallo! There is a metal warehouse 1872m. The foundation is piles with girder foundation. Could you please tell me how to calculate piles on Lira? Should I set the coefficients of subgrade reaction? Maybe there is a video tutorial? Thank you!
On Lira 2015/2016 implemented the piles analysis. A new FE57 automatically calculates the stiffness characteristics dependent on the ground conditions. Also in version 2016 the consideration of piles mutual interinfluence in pile groups appeared. A user has also got an opportunity to create a pile by the chain of FE57 in the nodes. So now one can get the efforts in piles and reinforce them.
Watch video on this site.
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I work in Lira 2013. How to calculate the piles in this version?!
I think if a person hasnt ever calculated any piles, it would be difficult to figure it out. I would suggest to deal with the hand calculation of a pile itself, if everything is clear, then read the Design Guide for piles calculation and then set the coefficients of subgrade reaction on Lira.
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