Importance of "Local Axes of Nodes" Tutorial Example 6

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Importance of "Local Axes of Nodes" Tutorial Example 6
Hi everyone,

Can somebody please explain me what is that importance of 'local axes of nodes". Im currently studying "example6" in Lira 2013 non commercial. Is this same as Node master slave in staad? I design tank before, but I did not do any option something like "local axes nodes" in staad.

Thanks in advanced.
Hi, errian!

The Local nodal axes command is used to create local coordinate system for a node.

Local axes X2, Y2 and Z2 are specified for a node when it is necessary to do the following:
- to apply load or impose restraint along direction that does not coincide with any axes of global coordinate system;
- or to get displacements of nodes in the coordinate system different from the global one.

Best regards
Alexey Tishchenko
LIRA-SAPR Technical Support Team
Thanks alexey, that was great. I did not find this kind of opion in
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