Wind load,application of wind load to the chimney

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Wind load,application of wind load to the chimney
There is a task to model and calculate the structures of brick chimney.
A visual representation of the wind loading is not created when applying the static wind load:
There are no slabs to which wind load can be applied.
Since the construction of chimney has no slab, will such wind load be taken into account in the LIRA-SAPR calculation and how to visualize it?
The wind load in SAPFIR is applied only to slabs, in the properties of which is set: sustain wind load = yes.
Wherein the choke and pressure factors are summarized and represented as a uniform aerodynamic coefficient 0.8 + 0.6 = 1.4 (by default). Slabs separate the building into fragments vertically. The areas of these fragments in the projection toward the wind determines the load taking into account the wind pressure at the appropriate height.The loads are distributed linearly along the ends of each slab by the wind; they can be seen in structures mode.Accordingly, in the absence of slabs the wind will not be attached.
Since the wind load is applied to the ends of the floor slabs, you will need to enter some dummy slabs to the model. Dummy slabs of small thickness and light weight.
Alternatively, you can create these dummy slabs in the Sapfir on the necessary height, then apply wind load, move to the analytics and delete these slabs but leave the load. If you need to create nodal load, then you manually have to divide each distributed load by the width of the deleted slab to which it was applied (if the chimney is round, then divide by diameter).
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When export form Sapfir to Lira the wind load anyway comes as a nodal load and is applied to the nodes of the slab finite elements.
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