Import from AutoCAD to Monomah-SAPR 2012 R4

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Import from AutoCAD to Monomah-SAPR 2012 R4, Import of planes and structures developed in AutoCAD to Monomah-SAPR 2012 R4
Is it possible to import planes with structures developed in AutoCAD to Monomah-SAPR 2012 R4. Is it obvious to create layers with axes, foundations, etc. that are already exist in Russian localization according to the principle of Acad_menu?
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Note. If all the drawings were created in AutoCAD 14 and older, it is required to save them as dxf-file in AutoCAD 12. In the type of file, you need to choose line AutoCAD R12/LT95 DXF. Otherwise, there will be no contours of slabs and their openings. There is an interesting fact that you can find line AutoCAD R13/LT95 DXF in PC nanoCAD 5.1, but you canТt save dxf file for AutoCAD version 12 working in version 13 and 14.
In the latest versions of AutoCAD during file saving in the format of DXF, there are provided such versions of DXF:
There is a link in reference according to the dated line R13/LT95 (intermediate version between 2000 and R12/LT12)

You have two options: try to save in 2000 or R12.

In the program, Building model (Monomah-SAPR 2013 R4) the import of DXF files is the same as in previous versions. Elements of the plan, axes and foundation slabs need to be created in individual layers (detailed description is given in the reference, paragraph "requirements for building model, created in AutoCAD";).
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