Computer-aided design of reinforced concrete structures

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Computer-aided design of reinforced concrete structures

This is a tutorial on preparing the first and the second term papers for reinforced concrete structures. The book focuses upon static and structural analyses of the main load bearing structures in multi-storey building, mutual arrangement of elements, and peculiarities of design models. Computer-aided technologies for design and numerical analysis of structures in LIRA and MONOMAKH software are also presented.

The book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with simulation and generation of design models. The second and the third chapters present a set of examples for analysis of structures in linear and physically nonlinear statement using 2D and 3D models.

The book will be useful for students of building and machine-building departments of universities, civil and structural engineers, postgraduate students, lecturers and scientists.

Note that the book is available only in Russian.
Published by
Civil Aviation University, Kiev, 2006. Hardback ' 804 pages.