Information technologies for analysis and design of building structures

 Published by: Kharkov, 2003. Paperback - 889 pages. Reference book.
 Рубрика: Manuals / Analysis & design of structures / LIRA-SAPR textbooks

This is a reference book on information technologies for analysis and design of building structures.

This book will be useful for students of building, transport and road-building departments of universities, civil and structural engineers, postgraduate students, lecturers and scientists.

The book deals with theory and implementation of FEM, its application for problems of linear and nonlinear mechanics for deformed solid and theory of structures, problems of parameter optimization in structural systems. The book presents fundamentals and description of information technologies for analysis and design of structures. Special attention is given to description of LIRA software.

The book provides a large number of examples taken from real-world situations. Chapter 5 is structured as a training manual. This is a step-by-step guide for solving engineering problems with LIRA software.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recommends this book as a textbook for high school students (letter No.14/18.2-564 of March 19, 2003).

Note that the book is available only in Russian.

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