Training Course: LIRA-SAPR for advanced users

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Prerequisites: working knowledge of Course 2 (LIRA-SAPR for intermediate users).
Duration: 5 days.


  1. Generation of computer models (account of orthotropy, super-elements, elements that simulate pretension, elements that simulate friction, elements that simulate elastic hinges, etc.).
  2. How to analyse model with account of NonLinear Engineering (NL Engineering)
  3. How to analyse models with account of physical nonlinearity:
      - reinforced concrete structures;
      - creep of concrete;
      - import of analysis results from the mode of reinforced concrete (RC) and steel structures to the mode of model generation in VISOR-SAPR module;
      - soil models;
      - SOIL system for generation of 2D and 3D soil models.
  4. How to analyse models with account of geometric nonlinearity (guys, membranes, flexible plates, etc.).
  5. How to analyse structures with account of structural nonlinearity (one-way springs).
  6. Dynamic analysis (impulse, impact, forced vibrations).
  7. How to deal with METEOR system (enhanced options for MODEL VARIATION system) that enables the user to merge results obtained in analyses of models with the same topology.
  8. How to analyse models with account of erection stages and maintenance of structures (ASSEMBLAGE plus special solver).
  9. How to carry out stability analysis of structures in progressive fracture.
  10. How to analyse structure together with soil (generate 3D soil model, calculation of subgrade moduli by different methods).
  11. How to analyse bridge structures on moving loads (BRIDGE special solver).
  12. Dynamic analysis of nonlinear structures (DYNAMICS plus special solver).
  13. How to simulate service life of the structure (loading, erection, dynamic loads, and adaptation of structures to force majeure cases).
  14. How to generate KM drawings, tables with lists of elements and steel specification, as well as drawings of simple and compound joints (KM-SAPR module).

The users have a good chance to analyse their own problems / models.

+ 2 hours of practical skills per day.

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