LIRA-SAPR 2011 Update

Update patches for LIRA-SAPR 2011 R6 and LIRA-SAPR 2011 R5 are available.

January 16, 2012

Update patches for LIRA-SAPR 2011 R6 and LIRA-SAPR 2011 R5 are available.

  1. Corrected error in safety protection that appeared after January 5, 2012. In some cases this error caused incorrect solution of problems. All problems analysed up to January 5, 2012 had correct results.
  2. Corrected error in generating text files by Create text File command and by appropriate toolbar button.
  3. Modified option: analysis start for Loads on Fragment, Stability and other systems.
  4. Added option: if Load on Fragment and DCL are defined for the problem, then DCL for load on fragment will be calculated automatically.
  5. Enhanced option: logic and settings for colour palette of reinforcement.
  6. Restored option: presentation of measurement units in the following dialog boxes with info about element and node (input & output data); copy; add node/element; surface load, local axes of nodes, bars, plates, solids; hinges; offsets; surfaces of revolutions.
  7. Added option: Combinations button is available in the dialog box with information about analysis results for reinforcement to evaluate DCF, DCL, forces for which reinforcement was selected.
  8. Modified option: analysis of reinforcement for analysis by DCF with Model variations option.
  9. Added option: the local analysis of the 2nd and further steel elements.
  10. Design modules BEAM and COLUMN are available.
  11. Modified option: calculation of C1, C2 in SOIL system. When recalculated from VISOR-SAPR for building codes except SNIP and SP 2004, calculation of C1 C2 might be incorrect.
  12. Help system is updated, a number of other enhancements and improvements are introduced.

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