How to learn LIRA on my own?

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How to learn LIRA on my own?
Recently our Support Team has received the following question by e-mail:

I am a civil engineer.

I want to learn LIRA but I don't know how I can learn it.
If I want to buy it, how much money
I am interested in LIRA, please send an offer to me and inform me about in which languages it has user guides.

The answer is presented below:

The price for the software depends on the configuration set you need.

LIRA software is available in English/Russian. As to the training, LIRA contains tutorial (in *.pdf and *.hlp formats) with a set of examples that make the user familiar with main features of the program. All examples have step-by-step instructions explaining every aspect of the procedure.

I advise you to download demo version of the program. There in the Help system you will find Tutorial. So you will be able to evaluate the program.

Demo version is not limited in time but has some limitations as 200 nodes, 200 elements, 4 load cases, etc.
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