About frame reinforcement

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About frame reinforcement
Hello! Tell me please, I assigned a reinforced concrete frame (its height is 16m) and applied a shear load of 10 tons to the top of the columns. The results about the reinforcement which I got were very strange. AS1 and AS2 are all clear, but AS3 and AS4 are almost the same, although there is a tiny moment. If you look at the information about the element you can see that the armature fitting happens mostly for strength, and if you print the results you will see that AS3 and AS4 demand  the same amount of armature as AS1 and AS2. If you show a drawing by every element the situation there is similar to the truth, that is, AS1 and AS2 include bigger reinforcement bar. In principle, I realized that the programm included the angular rods in the results, but how can I avoid it? Since it is striking when fr om the side wh ere there is no force you need the same armature as in the plane of action of the moment ?!
Hello, I would like to ask you one more time to help me with the frame. I found out by myself that if I change the location of the frame in plane then the quantity of armature changes a lot, It grows for AS1 and radically descends for AS3. Why? Please, explain !! I attach a file in which there are 2 frames with similar loads and stiffness, the difference is just between the location and reinforcement.
Armature area depends on the bar axes orientation. You didnt change the bar axes but changed the cross-section dimension.
Sincerely, Alex Tischenko
Thank you very much, for your reply!
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