Finite Element Method: theory and numerical realization, finite element analysis

 Published by: Kiev, 1997. Paperback - 138 pages.
 Рубрика: Analysis & design of structures / LIRA-SAPR textbooks

The book describes the first version of new generation of LIRA family products: LIRA-Windows 5.0. Distribution of this version began in 1995.

The first chapter of the book presents modern theory of Finite Element Method (finite element analysis) for linear, nonlinear and dynamic problems. The second chapter considers main features of LIRA-Windows. Special attention is given to user interface developed according to requirements of Windows OS. The third chapter includes suggestions on generation of design models (such as mesh density, fragmentation and super-elements, coupled DOF, simulation of hinges, symmetry, etc.). In the fourth chapter you will find verification tests where exact solutions are compared to ones obtained in LIRA-Windows.

Note that the book is available only in Russian.

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