Training Course: Information technologies for analysis and design of multi-storey buildings with MONOMAKH-SAPR program

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Duration: 3 days.


  1. Analysis of monolithic structures with account of combined behaviour of columns, pylons, diaphragms, floor slabs and mat foundations.
  2. Account of differential settlements of vertical elements caused by nonuniform soil properties.
  3. Analysis of floor slabs with account of complex configuration, random location of supports, random openings, etc.
  4. Analysis of mat foundations with account of combined behaviour with overground structures and nonuniform soil properties.
  5. The effect of asymmetric column shapes (angle, cross, T-shapes) on behaviour of the whole structure and analysis of reinforcement for such columns.
  6. Analysis and design of floor slabs, columns, diaphragms, mat foundations.
  7. Computer-aided analysis and design of structures in multi-storey buildings with LIRA-SAPR and MONOMAKH-SAPR programs.

+ 2 hours of practical skills per day.

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