Training Course: Design of buildings and structures using LIRA-CAD

Analysis and design of structures in LIRA-CAD software. This course will provide you with intermediate skills in LIRA-FEM and LIRA-CAD software. You will be able to carry out analyses of building structures.

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In this course you will learn the basics of using the LIRA-CAD software. Teacher will answer all your questions, conserning LIRA-CAD, even after this course. After completing the course you will receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in LIRA-CAD. You will learn how to create model, prepare it for analysis. How to create drawings automatically and how to export them.


Prior knowledge of structural analysis and design will help you complete our sessions with more ease.

Training Course content

  • LIRA-CAD program interface. Clients will get familiar with the program interface and its options.
  • Generating a model in LIRA-CAD module "from scratch", using DXF floor plans, underlays in the LIRA-CAD (GENERATOR system), import from other programs in IFC format.
  • Generating a physical (architectural) model of the framework in the LIRA-CAD preprocessor.
  • Snaps, generation from L0 by auxiliary points.
  • Modelling capitals and beams in combined behaviour with a monolithic reinforced concrete floor slab, modelling prefabricated floor slabs.
  • Specifying the data necessary for design procedure: building codes, materials.
  • Modelling pile foundation.
  • Modelling the support conditions between the frame components.
  • Obtaining the punching shear contours for beamless floor slabs.
  • Defining the load cases and loads on the building: dead, live, wind loads, etc.
  • Defining the earthquake loads.
  • Generating DCF (design combinations of forces) and DCL (design combinations of loads).
  • Attaching the soil model.
  • Converting into a meshed model, different settings for the meshed model.
  • Principles for generating a FE mesh (simplifying the complex contours of openings, etc.), generating triangulation lines.
  • Generating a finite element model (FEM), evaluating the quality of the obtained FE mesh.
  • Exporting the meshed model to VISOR module of LIRA-FEM program.
  • FEA of the model and analysis of reinforcement.
  • Exporting selected reinforcement to the LIRA-CAD (RC) system.
  • Creating reinforcement for the main structural elements: slabs, walls, columns and beams.
  • Creating the floor plans and sectional views.
  • Obtaining 3D reinforcement patterns, schedules and lists of steel consumption, working drawings of RC structures and RCUnits.
  • Generating a steel framework with LIRA-CAD (Generator system). Analysis and evaluation of analysis results. Documentation in LIRA-CAD.
  • Questions and Answers.


The sessions mainly focus on the use of LIRA-FEM & LIRA-CAD Structural analysis software.

Who this course is for

Whether you're visiting us for help completing one of your assignments or simply to improve your structural analysis skills, you're in the right place.