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18 April, 2018
LIRA-SAPR 2018 Announcement

The software for analysis, design, simulation of the life cycle of building structures: new version will come soon


25 December, 2017
LIRA-SAPR 2017 R3 Update 1

Updated procedures for DCF calculation, generating & saving data about RC materials, merging of models, presentation of shear reinforcement, import from .sli file, generationg of DCL tables, presentation of design models, generation of .asp file, ‘Large panel buildings’ and SAPFIR-RC modules.

  LIRA-SAPR 2017 R3

29 November, 2017

New release LIRA-SAPR R3 is presented.

  ESPRI 2016 R3

17 November, 2017
ESPRI 2016 R3

New module in the Punching shear analysis chapter. New options in different modules in the following chapters: RC structures, Foundations and beddings, Loads and actions, Steel structures.

  LIRA-SAPR 2017 Demo

26 October, 2017
LIRA-SAPR 2017 Demo

LIRA-SAPR 2017 Demo version is available. This version is prepared on the basis of LIRA-SAPR 2017 R2 with a number of modifications.

  Seminar in Vilnius

13 October, 2017
Seminar in Vilnius

LIRA SAPR (Kiev) and AGA CAD (Vilnius) invite you to take part in the seminar Analysis & design of building structures with LIRA-SAPR family products.


20 July, 2017

New release LIRA-SAPR R2 is presented on July, 17.  


22 May, 2017

New features and options in LIRA-SAPR 2017

  Free Structural Analysis Software

13 October, 2016
Free Structural Analysis Software

Our company introduces update to non-commercial (free of charge) version. The updated version LIRA-SAPR 2013 R5 contains module SAPFIR-Structures 2015.

  ESPRI  2016

10 October, 2016
ESPRI 2016

ESPRI 2016  is available now.  

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