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Precast Day III

  • 16 May, 2022
Precast Day III

The BIM platform company and LIRALAND Group invite you to participate in the third Precast Day Conference that will take place on May 25, 2022 (Online).

Update 3 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2

Update 3 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2 is released. The following items are updated: Building codes for Republic of Kazakhstan, SP RK 2.03-30-2017, SP RK EN 1998-1:2004/2012, NTP RK 08-01.1-2021, SN KR 20-02:2018, SP RK EN 1990:2002+A1:2005/2011, harmonic load, LIRA-FEM Analysis Client/Server, types of combinations, bar analogues, input table, Report Book, output tables, triangulation, option to merge models, history of nonlinear load cases, variable section, unit weight, info about dimensions, model of equivalent foundation, pile stiffness, coordinate system, steel table, universal bar, truss joint, types of pilot reinforcement (PR), composite reinforcement, analysis on fire resistance, depth of concrete heating, physical model, design parameters, wall cleanup, Python, wall reinforcement

Appeal to all people worldwide

We officially declare that from the first day of this war (February 24, 2022) our company stopped all shipments of our products to the Russian Federation.

Stop the War in Ukraine

  • 26 February, 2022
Stop the War in Ukraine

From February 24, 2022, Ukraine is under all-out attack of the regular forces of the Russian Federation.

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2

Update 1 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R2 is released. The following items are updated: NonLinear Engineering Design (NL Engineering), Analysis Client/Server, unification of forces, 1-node FE, the 6th DOF, import *.sli, import *.dxf, import *.ifc, pulgin for Grasshopper, invertion of walls


  • 8 October, 2021

The second release (R2) of LIRA-SAPR 2021 is available now. DXF import, 'Space', IFC import, walls, rotation of structure, check for design model, mesh quality, filter for elements, settings for FEA solver, 'SOIL' system, stress in soil, analysis of settlement, piles, flags of drawing, special FE, input tables, design sections, assemblage stages, model synchronization, forces by steps, DCF calculation, thermal load, dynamics module, distribution coefficient, dangerous direction  of load, Cross-section Design Toolkit, fire resistance, types of pilot reinforcement (PR), analysis of reinforcement, 'AVANGARD' system, I-section, arbitrary bar, variable section, Analysis Client/Server, archive/backup, ZIP-file, DCL table.

Update 3 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1

Update 3 is available for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1. The following options and items are updated: standard tables, measurement units, physical nonlinearity, Report Book, recalculation of subgrade moduli, Analysis Client/Server, list of problems, hinge support with eccentricity, editable analytics, option to save file with nonlinearity, 14 piecewise linear function

Update 2 for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1

Update 2 is available for LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1. The following options and items are updated: structural elements, types of pilot reinforcement, design strength of soil, additional pressure, SP 20.13330.2011/2016, DBN B.1.2-2:2006, local buckling out of plane, unified groups, Analysis Client/Server, wind load, dead weight of structures, hinges, SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011

LIRA-SAPR 2021 Demo

  • 15 July, 2021
LIRA-SAPR 2021 Demo

LIRA-SAPR 2021 Demo version is available. This version is prepared on the basis of LIRA-SAPR 2021 R1 with a number of modifications.