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15 September, 2015

The 2nd release of structural analysis software LIRA-SAPR 2015 is presented.


2 July, 2015
ESPRI 2014 R2

New program version is available - ESPRI 2014 R2.


22 June, 2015
LIRA-SAPR 2013 R4*

Our company announces new release of LIRA-SAPR 2013 R4 as Non-Commercial version distributed free of charge


28 April, 2015

We present new version of the software: LIRA-SAPR 2015.


15 April, 2015
Update LIRA-SAPR 2014 R4

The 4th release of structural analysis software LIRA-SAPR 2014 is presented.


8 January, 2015
Update LIRA-SAPR 2014 R3

The 3rd release of structural engineering software LIRA-SAPR 2014 is presented: added option to export projects from REVIT 2015; restored option to import/export design models between LIRA-SAPR and STARK-EC; enhanced installation procedure for KM-SAPR module to AutoCAD version 14 and more


22 December, 2014
ESPRI 2014 R1

We are pleased to offer you ESPRI program in English: interface and reports for 69 modules out of 74, help systems for 44 modules.


11 December, 2014

Commercial version MONOMAKH-SAPR 2013 R5 is presented now. Support for SN RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011 and more...


18 August, 2014
Update LIRA-SAPR 2014 R2

New mode for analysis of steel structures; METEOR system: enhanced parallel work with other applications; Output data for analysis of loads on fragment and inertial loads may be visualized as mosaic plots and more...


29 April, 2014
Update for LIRA-SAPR 2013 R3

Corrected algorithm for analysis of transverse reinforcement according to SP 63.13330.2012; Modified procedure for generating normative /characteristic values of DCF

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