ESPRI 2014 R1 Release Notes

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Last updated: 22 November, 2017

Engineering Assistance Package (ESPRI) is now available in English

We are pleased to offer you ESPRI program in English: interface and reports for 69 modules out of 74, help systems for 44 modules. To change the language for interface, use the system menu of the program located in the upper-right corner of a window.

Reinforced concrete structures

The chapter contains new module Composite steel and concrete columns (strength analysis for sections of composite steel and concrete columns of rectangular section). Calculation is made according to deformation model of reinforced concrete with account to bilinear, trilinear and nonlinear diagrams. The following building codes are supported: SP 63.13330.2012, SP 16.13330.2011, DBN V.2.6-160:2010, DBN V.2.6-98:2009, DBN V.2.6-135(163):2010.

Foundations and beddings

Module Bearing capacity of piles by field test results presents new options for calculation:

  • drilled piles at probe point;
  • driven piles at test point of model pile;
  • driven piles at test point of probe pile;
  • dynamic pile tests.

Punching shear for rectangular contour

Account of moments is improved. Help system is updated.

Last updated: 22 November, 2017



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