SAPFIR 2022 R2 Update 3 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 8 January, 2024

  • Plug-in for Tekla Structures: restored option to update the cross-sections according to results of FEA, selection/check of steel cross-sections.

  • Enhanced export from Revit to LIRA-SAPR: plates, openings and loads with curved contour segments.

  • Enhanced IFC import, namely:

    • import of wall snaps;

    • recognition of beam cross-sections;

    • recognition of column cross-sections;

    • fixed bug in recognition of the space elevation;

    • recognition of stairs and conversion of prisms into stairs is modified.

  • Fixed bug in IFC export that caused the application to fail in some cases.

  • Export from DWG is improved. When the "Section only" option is active for a section, stairs are no longer exported when exporting to DWG if they are not included in the section.

  • Enhanced option to copy storeys from one project to another.

  • Restored option to display the "Offset" parameter for beams in the "Properties" dialog box.

  • Enhanced algorithm for generation of punching shear contours for columns with a section rotated on plan.

  • Added check for the method of generation - "Rectangle". Now the object is not generated if two sides of the rectangle coincide.

  • Improved transfer of plates from VISOR-SAPR module to SAPFIR module (plates restored from the design model to physical model).

  • Account for the volume of capital and column base when calculating the concrete volume in columns.

  • Enhanced generation of bar analogues of partitions for walls with a large number of openings of different heights.

  • The "Fill pattern for opening" dialog box is modified.

  • Fixed bug in displaying reinforcement in 3D view.

  • Fixed bug: the load applied through the slab properties did not take into account the opening in slab.

  • Fixed bug: deleting the links between nodes in the algorithm saved to the SAPFIR library.

  • Enhanced work of GridWall node. Now triangulation is taken into account when the wall is copied by storeys.

  • Triangulation by nodes is improved.

  • Modified node for generation of grid lines from the underlay.

  • Modified nodes for import of IFC and XLS.

  • Fixed bug in nodes for load generation when load values should be obtained from tables via ImportXLS node.

  • Fixed bug in the ImportIFC node when trying to update it.

Last updated: 8 January, 2024



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