SAPFIR 2022 R1 Update 1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 12 January, 2023


  • For floor plans, corrected bugs in case: 
    • two slab contours (foundation slabs) are generated if one of their edges coincides;
    • grid lines are created by layer if the grid line label and grid line itself are on different layers.
  • Enhanced export of beams to IFC file.
  • Fixed bug in the output for results of reinforcement for the LIRA-FEM and Autodesk Revit integration.

Preprocessor LIRA-CAD

  • For the 'Special load' tool, the number of created loads is displayed in the 'Edit load cases' dialog box.
  • In the project properties there is new parameter 'Intersection diagnostic error' that is used when the floor slabs are checked for intersections
  • It is possible to switch the table's orientation from rows to columns in the steel table.
  • Work with large arrays of piles is accelerated (options to copy, select, move objects). Files with large pile arrays are now opened more quickly.
  • Improved autodetection of analytical floor levels for cases with many multi-level slabs within one floor.
  • Enhanced generation of PRB column-wall for situations where the model contains offsets from column to wall.
  • Fixed script error when you open the file (and its folder) from the SAPFIR start page. Improved loading of the start page in cases of poor internet connections.
  • Restored option 'Apply to adjacent walls' in properties of the opening.
  • Enhanced 'Mirror' command for openings in the slab and wall.
  • Corrected error when the Slab with interpretation 'Load' was not included into the meshed model.
  • Fixed bug that in certain situations caused the window infill to disappear.

Panel buildings

  • For a lintel (simulated with a bar) that is defined in the properties of door and window openings, the bar is divided along FE of horizontal joint (restored option) when the model is transferred from SAPFIR module to VISOR-SAPR module.
  • Enhanced auto arrangement of joints with the 'Apply' command in the Joint tool.

Design of RC structures

  • Reinforcement colour palette is updated (restored option) when parameters of colour palette (colour, diameter, step) are modified.
  • Improved view of wall reinforcement for cases where openings in the wall are indicated from the storey top with a negative relocation.


  • Enhanced option to bake nodes.
  • Restored node 'Rope'.
  • Fixed bug related when you undo a node if the properties of another node were edited just before it.

Compatibility issues are identified for some Radeon graphics card models.

Last updated: 12 January, 2023



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