SAPFIR 2021 R2 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 9 November, 2021


  • Enhanced import of floor plans DXF:
    • in SAPFIR module, when a polyline is imported to the 'Space' object, it is possible to define its interpretation as a load, its intensity and load case;
    • restored option to import surface loads;
    • fixed bug: rotation of column sections when the model is generated according to the DXF floor plan.
  • Enhanced import of IFC:
    • when the openings in walls are imported, the 'Apply to adjacent walls' property is automatically set for them;
    • enhanced import of beams;
    • account of rotation angle for the building in import of IFC file;
    • enhanced generation of openings in walls for IFC files generated in Tekla Structures.


  • The ratio of coefficients Gamma fm/Gamma fe is transferred to the DCL table in VISOR-SAPR module for the Wind load case according to DBN B.1.2-2006 3.1(2007).
  • Enhanced option to generate colours for stiffness in SAPFIR objects.
  • New option to consider the weight of window and doors assembly for walls with the interpretation Load.
  • New parameter 'Wind load' is added for walls and windows. For a specified parameter, elements with zero stiffness are generated over the whole area of the opening in the design model, in particular, to collect the wind load.
Last updated: 9 November, 2021



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