SAPFIR 2021 R1 Update 2 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 10 August, 2021


  • New parameter 'Wind load' is added to the properties of door and window openings; it enables you to take into account the area of the opening when collecting the positive/negative wind load in space. Plates with zero stiffness are generated inside the openings.

  • In the properties of objects there is an option to define the load case for the dead load.

  • Enhanced copy option for steel objects with assigned design parameters and cleanups.

  • Option to return to the user-defined colours of objects after using the 'Mosaic plot for certain parameters' or 'Colour of objects by stiffness, object types, materials', etc. commands.

  • Option to restore the colour of the load after using 'Mosaic plot for certain parameters' command.

  • Option to generate mosaic plot of properties for subobjects for the top edges in wall segments.

  • Corrected 'Line colour' parameter for beams.

  • Enhanced mirror copy for the text.

  • Fixed bug: the hinge node was changed (from the 1st to the 2nd) for the 'Angle' section when the meshed model is generated.

  • Enhanced transfer (to VISOR-SAPR module) of hinged support with eccentricity for the floor slabs.

  • When the 'Filter by parameters' dialog box is opened, the settings for the previous filter are cleared.

  • Enhanced generation of punching shear contours by SP RK EN 1992-1-1:2004/2011.

Last updated: 10 August, 2021



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