SAPFIR 2021 R1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group



  • Generation of formwork drawings.
  • New tool 'Embedded items' to indicate notations for embedded items on the formwork drawings of RC elements: floor slabs, walls, shear walls, etc.
    Library of embedded items includes the most popular ones. The library file may be expanded and modified. Embedded items are displayed schematically on the formwork drawing. The number of items is presented in the schedule for the slab.
  • Additional reinforcement for the floor slab may be arranged automatically. Zones of additional reinforcement are set according to the colour ranges on mosaic plot of reinforcement.


  • Accelerated operation of SAPFIR-GENERATOR.
  • An additional option 'opening' is added to the 'Surface load' node.
  • For the node of columns generated along the contour of the cross-section (for example, from dxf), it is possible to create points (for example, at the centre of mass for the section) for the 'Points' Output.
  • Option to multicopy openings with the 'Multicopy by storeys' node.
  • New node 'Additional lines and points of triangulation in the wall'.
  • An integrated environment for development of user-defined nodes in the IronPython language. Enhanced API.



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