SAPFIR 2020 R1 Update 1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 10 July, 2020


  • Enhanced options: recognition of multi-span beams when importing the *.ifc file and restoring their geometry in the case the Boolean operations were applied to the beams in the source file.
  • Enhanced import of *.dxf floor plans: generating windows, walls and partitions. If a layer was assigned the corresponding layer name in AutoCad and the objects were drawn along the contour (walls, columns, piles), then the 'Contour' option is automatically set for the import to SAPFIR module.
  • Fixed: difference in storey heights when importing *.ifc and LiraKM files from Revit.
  • Restored: option to import several *.ifc files into separate projects during one work session.



  • Fixed: recovery of the physical model *.spf file according to the meshed model *.lir file if there were layers and storey levels in the meshed model.
  • Added: option to define the ice load for columns.
  • Settings for the line weight for columns may be also applied to capitals.
  • In addition to the previous options to define the snow mound according to SP 20.13330.2016, now it is also possible to define the snow mound according to SP 20.13330.2011. Parameters defined in calculator (building code, snow area and parapet height) may be saved to use further during the work session.
  • Fixed: generation of load from soil pressure in case there are openings in walls.
  • Fixed: thickness of column base is transferred to VISOR-SAPR module correctly.
  • Enhanced: snap of the premises to intermediate levels of storey.
  • Fixed: duplicate beams included in the beam system when the meshed model is generated.


Large panel buildings

  • Restored: FE of platform joints located in the wall openings are automatically excluded from the analytical model.


Design of RC structures

  • Added: rebars may be located along the pile height.
  • Restored: types of pilot reinforcement (PRT) for walls created in Design of RC structures module may be transferred to VISOR-SAPR module.
  • Restored: the spacing of the studs and bend to the stud for wall reinforcement may be defined as default values. Class of reinforcement and the diameter of studs are added to default settings.
  • Added: support of GOST 34028-2016 for individual rebars and reinforcing items.
  • For the section by model of wall reinforcement, tag leaders are not generated for rebars that are not included in the section.
  • Restored: reinforcing items (L-shaped elements, U-shaped elements) may be generated on the plans of vertical elements and on 2D detail views of wall reinforcement.
  • Enhanced: presentation of wall reinforcement on 3D view for cases when the wall is snapped to the left or to the right of the axis.
  • Added: the type of anchorage at the ends may be selected for a group of rebars in the model of beam reinforcement.
  • Fixed: presentation of main reinforcement in the slab along the X-axis and along the Y-axis.



  • Enhanced option to copy loads that are defined as a property of the slab when the 'Multi-copy by storeys' node is used.
  • Fixed: snap of the base point of the door when copying the door node.

Last updated: 10 July, 2020



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