SAPFIR 2018 R2 Update 1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 21 February, 2019


  • Restored: option to save model in version SAPFIR 2016, 2015 and earlier.
  • Enhanced: option to cut analytical models of columns and beams for arbitrary plane.
  • When load is generated on the 'Floor plan' view, the warning is displayed that loads are not displayed on this view.
  • Corrected: option to copy load within the storey.
  • Enhanced: selection of load when 'selection window' is used.
  • Enhanced: generation of punching shear contours at the column base (bottom punching shear).
  • Enhanced: option to cut selected walls in the AutoCut mode.
  • For floor plans, restored: option to generate objects by layers that contain objects with steel sections and to create piles and columns by contour defined with a circle.
  • For SAPFIR study version (Academic Set), new option to transfer to VISOR-SAPR the earthquake load cases and design levels for analysis of masonry.
  • Enhanced: filter for selection by parameters for openings and spaces.
  • Corrected: error in work with floor plan if parameter 'Indicate on plan' is defined for zones with another thickness generated in the slab.
  • Corrected: presentation of boundary conditions when the floor slab is rotated.
  • Corrected: determining base point of the door in case the door is moved.


  • Corrected: program crash when you generate elevation for certain detail view of dowels into columns from foundation slab.


  • Corrected: minor errors when you deleted node 'Door' with the keyboard and when you connect node 'Access to input parameter' (InPar).

Last updated: 21 February, 2019



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