ESPRI 2018 R2 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 27 June, 2019

New modules

Foundations and beddings

  • Calculation of soil subsidence – module is used to calculate the subsidence of soil with account of soaking. 

Enhancements to modules

Statis & dynamic analyses, stability

  • Modules Rectabgular slab and Rectangular slab on elastic foundation. New option to calculate and generate contour plots of shear forces Qx and Qy.

Foundations and beddings

  • Module Settlement of equivalent footing. New option to define arbitrary coefficient to limit the depth of compressible stratum.

Timber structures

  • All modules of this chapter. New values for design strength are added according to SP 64.13330.2017, table 3.7.

Loads and actions

  • Module Resonance check for wind turbulence. Modified according to SP 20.13330.2016.
  • Module Wind loads. Modified calculation of aerodynamic coefficients for type of structures 13 Appendix D SP 20.13330.2016.

Sheet piling – the following options are added:

  • to place H-braces;
  • to define anchorage;
  • to define horizontal loads, in particular, lateral pressure of water;
  • to accumulate displacements by stages of calculation;
  • to display the point of residual if there was a residual in solution of the system of equations;
  • to save the file of assemblage table Name.mnt  and text file Name.txt to format required for further analysis in LIRA-FEM program.


  • new option to calculate design resistance of soil R and generate the diagram for changing R value along the depth for arbitrary point under the foundation. 

Last updated: 27 June, 2019



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