ESPRI 2018 R1 Release Notes

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

Last updated: 5 September, 2018

New modules

  • Steel structures
    • Critical temperature of section – module is used to determine critical temperature of heating in steel shapes for analysis of fire resistance. Eurocode 3 is supported.
  • Foundations and beddings
    • Disregard of soil resistance in earthquake – module is used to determine effective depth up to which soil resistance along the side surface of the pile is not considered  in earthquake. SP 24.13330.2011 is supported with account of modification No.1 – sect. 12.4, 12.5 and sect. B.4 Appendix B.
    • Properties of rubber metal damper – module is used to compute stiffness parameters of rubber metal solid and hollow blocks for earthquake protection of buildings.

Enhancements to modules

  • Masonry and masonry reinforcing
    • Analysis of brick pier.  The following types of reinforcement are added: A240, A300, A400, A500, B500.
    • Bruck pier by DBN V.2.6-162:2010. The following types of reinforcement are added: meshes from fibre-glass roving AKC600, AKC800 and meshes from basalt fibre AKB600, AKB800.
  • Foundations and beddings
    • Slope stability. The new type of analysis is added: cylinfrical slip surface with soil layer of great stiffness.
    • Stability of multi-layer slope. New option to export points of the slip surface to the model of FEM for LIRA-SAPR program.
Last updated: 5 September, 2018



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