Library of steel joints

Structural engineering software LIRALAND Group

The following prototype joints are available: column base, beam-to-column goints (pinned and fixed), beam splice, beam connection, column splice, sway bracing, rigid connections (beam-to-beam and beam-to-column). Prototype joint is a model for analysis; the model consists of several parameters that further in analysis procedure will be selected and checked according to SNIP II-23-81*.

Every analysis has its tracing routine that enables the user to review applied formulas and algorithms in symbol and numerical form.

Analysis of joints may be carried out in STC-SAPR module of LIRA-FEM program and in ESPRI program as well. Prototype joint with selected and checked parameters may be imported to KM-SAPR module where 3D model of the joint and all necessary drawings will be generated.

In the latest versions of VISOR-SAPR it is possible to design compound joints from any number of simple ones. (Option is not available in ESPRI program.)

Classification of joints in STC-SAPR module

Beam splice, column splice

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