roportioning of a steel column cross-section

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roportioning of a steel column cross-section
When setting some construction materials, it displays a message about the incompatibility of stiffness (I used a round tube) with
construction materials. As a result it is impossible to proportion a
section. How to proportion a round pipe cross-section for a column in LIRA?
Hello, SZett!
Which version of the program do you work with? Attach the task file for clarity.

Sincerely, Alexey Tishchenko
lira 2016 R3
Edited: SZett - May 5, 2017 11:18:37
SZett, you have to create a material compatible with the rolled pipes.
For this you need:
1) Set the pipe stiffness ("Pipe 325 x 6") as a a current or mark the elements with the given rigidity in the scheme, see the picture;
2) "Add" a new material;
3) Sel ect the required one fr om the list of steels;
4) Destine the created material to the elements of the columns.

Sincerely, Alexey Tishchenko
alekstish, Thank you very much for the response.
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