Adjusting height of a column in SAPFIR 2015

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Adjusting height of a column in SAPFIR 2015
Hello Liraland community,

I am quite new to this software and very much unfamiliar. I am currently using the non-commercial version of Lira SAPFIR. As basic as it may seem, I can't figure out how to change the height of a column and it always defaults 3 meters when I am designing a structure. Can you help me edit this parameter?

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Hi, aakhvlediani97!

You can`t change height of column because it is connected to the storey height by default. If the storey height is 3m, then a column height is 3m. You can change either the storey height (see pic.1) or you can disconnect column from the storey height. To do this, you should specify the top level snap for column – From storey bottom (see pic.2). After that, specify the real height of the column inside the edit box.

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