What is 10 FE 10?

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What is 10 FE 10?
There is a need to check the building analytic model. I met there FE 10. So Ive got a question.
When and in which cases FE 10 should be used?
Thank you in advance!
In concept, in all. Firstly, the rigid bodies modeled by bars. Secondly, if you work with a non-standard cross section. Thirdly, if it is necessary to take into account one or more of the stiffness, but not all, in other words, setting not all cross-section geometric properties. There may be other situations, if there is nothing suitable in your model, you should ask the author.
Please tell me, when setting a perfectly rigid body by FE-10, which characteristics must be defined? If you specify just the stiffness, then before the analysis it pops out "Warning: it is required to set non-zero values of core distances of a bar cross section." Does it have an effect on the analysis?
Of course it has. LIRA just throws them out of the scheme. You specify a bar with two points, so in this case you have also to specify a PRB with two core centers.
Then could you tell me, how to identify them?
Toffe, it doesnt impact on the FEM analysis, in fact, usually FE 10 is some artificial and not of interest for me stiffness, so theres no sense to set the core distances. And they are necessary only to calculate correctly the DCL. I mean to take into account all criterions provided by the software package. The cross-section is not standard and the SP cant identify the "extreme point".

It is written that it is related only to the DCL.
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