Save the list of available tables of results

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Save the list of available tables of results
While creating a DCF interactive table I cant save the last state of the list of available tables in the file "Lira.frm". Or maybe I dont know where I should look for it. There isnt the file in LWork and around my computer I also cant find it. I work with LIRA SAPR2013(R3).
Are you sure that you have created the forms for results tables and saved it? They are 2 different buttons.
Yes, otherwise, if I forgot to create it, there is a message "the form is not established".
You may have some problems with the "privileges", try to call up the program as administrator and repeat the procedure.
I always call up the program as administrator.
If you already have a custom form then their number may be exceeded otherwise you already have similar forms with different sets. Check it.
It turned out that all these inconsistencies were in release R3. After I started working with R4 immediately the list of tables appeared in the form editor! It has not existed before so my list forms can be saved there. :)

Thanks a lot to the participants of the conversation!
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