Lira Sapr Vs Robot Structural Analysis

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Lira Sapr Vs Robot Structural Analysis

can anyone tell me something about Lira Sapr, I'm newly in this program.
because currently I'm confuse which program I should need to use, actually I'm a staad user, but when it come to finite element I dont like it much and I need to design in russian code.
Now I'm choosing between the two Lira Sapr or Robot Structural Analysis - I'm looking for the capabilities ( no need comparison for the code availability and design as lira can design only concrete and steel).

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Alright since no one try to answer to this forum, I will answer for myself. Upon studying this program "Lira Sapr", I found out that lira is better than Robot, in-terms of designing and analysis of concrete and steel structures. The only difference is Robot have more different codes check and materials like timber and aluminum. Having Sapfir also was great for easily create a model then just transfer to Lira for analysis and design.

Hope you will have ACI code and IBC in the future.
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