What are the limitation of the demo version?

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What are the limitation of the demo version?

I would like to ask what are the limitation of the demo version? I just browse you website and I found you have many module for structure which I like, but still zero knowledge about your software, I wonder what are the limits of demo? it is in functionality?
Parameters of problems allowed for demo version of LIRA-SAPR software:
    - number of nodes in design model - up to 1000;
    - number of elements in design model - up to 1000;
    - number of load cases - up to 4;
    - stiffness types: standard sections (rectangular bar and ring section), all steel sections and stiffnesses described numerically.

 The following analyses can be performed in demo version of LIRA-SAPR:
    - static analysis - for all types of loads;
    - dynamic analysis - modal analysis of the structure (mode shapes and frequencies of natural vibrations);
    - stability analysis of the structure;
    - analysis of principal and equivalent stresses according to various criteria of rupture;
    - analysis of design combinations of forces (DCF);
    - analysis of design combinations of loads (DCL);
    - analysis of loads on the fragment;
    - demo analyses of reinforced concrete sections (only predefined classes of concrete and reinforcement) and steel sections (demo steel properties).

 In demo version of LIRA-SAPR software you can also:
    - explore all features of creating and editing design models;
    - view any design model created and analysed in full version of LIRA-SAPR software;
    - study Help system for full version of LIRA-SAPR software.
Thank you for your reply,

according to your website I found your software that I'm looking for, complete analysis and design package in
one software, anyway I hope for the best. Hope to you will post more English video tutorials in youtube because usually are in russian language i think.

and hope you will hope data exchange for Aecosim Building Designer.
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