SP MONOMAKH or SAPFIR. What to choose?

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SP MONOMAKH or SAPFIR. What to choose?
Please help me, where it is better to design 2-5 storey buildings (monolithic frame, monolithic semi-frame, bearing walls) in MONOMAKH (have the experience) or in SAPHIR? There is a task. I have to work with round objects. Monomakh doesnt have such possibility (domes, arches). Does Saphir has an opportunity to work with this? Also it takes long time to make floor slabs in Monomakh.
It seems that everything is clear with Monomakh to you. As for Sapfir, the construction of the model will be performed in the Sapfir and analysis of stress-strain state will be performed in LIRA-SAPR. As for the "flexibility" and construction facilities of the design scheme, Sapphire in this regard is much wins.
If you have LIRA, then Sapfir is much more powerful than Monomakh! Also, much easier! But you will have to thinker with round objects) Anyway Sapfir is cool stuff: you can make architecture, design schemes, reinforcing, drawings and consumption of materials can be obtained automatically!
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