Calculation of resonance oscillations

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Calculation of resonance oscillations
In accordance to СП 20.13330.2011 for buildings and structures (particularly for masts and towers), it is necessary to take into account resonance vortex excitations and aerodynamic unstable oscillations of galloping type. Tell me please, how to implement the analysis of solid section and lattice structures of different cross-sections for resonance oscillations?
Software package ESPRI has a program "Resonance check for wind turbulence" in the section "Loads and actions". If you know frequencies and other parameters, then this program determines whether it is necessary to perform the analysis for resonance. If so, then this program determines the resonance load that you can further set in LIRA as individual load case.
Sincerely yours, E. Streletskii.
Thank you for the answer!

I have seen this opportunity in the presentation of SP ESPRI. Our organization has purchased only SP LIRA-SAPR 2014. Is it possible to perform such an analysis in LIRA only?
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To do this it is necessary to implement a new dynamic module in Lira. And this - the order and the cost of the customer. And this is the order and the cost for the customer.
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