Modelling of reinforced concrete elements strengthening in LIRA-SAPR

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Modelling of reinforced concrete elements strengthening in LIRA-SAPR
Dear forum users! Are there any methods for modelling of reinforced concrete columns strengthening by steel jacketing? If there are any, could you please suggest methods?
Thank you in advance.
Hello, rustavelli!
In my practice, I have not encountered with such issue. As far as I know, the main purpose of the jacketing is to restrain transversal deformation of the reinforced elements, i.e., to increase its compressive strength due to volumetric tension, and receive part of the vertical load.
If we consider the primitive model without cramping then the strengthening element will receive only a part of the vertical load. You can use the bar FE, i.e. create "match" bars. The stiffness of the first one will be reinforced concrete section of the column and the second one - the stiffness of strengthening elements (see. attachment). But this approach does not help to focus on the main effect - cramping.
In my opinion, the most appropriate model from which it is possible to squeeze the maximum is to use 3D FE, but its implementation is not practical use for everyday tasks associated with the strengthening of columns.

Perhaps the most complete understanding in this matter will help the acquaintance with the recommendations of the calculation of strengthening jacketing and on their basis to conclude which model may be close to the true results with less effort and time.

Yours faithfully, Alexey Tishchenko
Aleksey, I have such a question, at above given design method forces and vertical load will be distributed between jacketing and r/c column in accordance with their stiffness? If we discard compression, is such designing right?
rustavelli, you talk correctly, the load will be distributed in accordance with a predetermined stiffness. This solution has the right to life, but it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the elements of jacketing.
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