Importing SAPFIR-loads to LIRA-SAPR

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Importing SAPFIR-loads to LIRA-SAPR
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When setting in SAPFIR uniformly distributed load via instrumental panel instead of slab characteristics, then LIRA receives load-case with separate forces rather than uniformly distributed load. There is the question. Is it possible to transfer load in the form of uniformly distributed, as it is in SAPFIR?

Distributed load on slabs in LIRA-SAPR are transferred as property of the slab and applied all the area of the slab. This load is strictly attached to FE and its shape depends upon the contour of FE.

The load, which was set by means of tool LOAD, is an analogue of the tool load stamp in LIRA, can have any shape in space, and isn’t attached to the FE. It is not important for calculation results weather it was uniformly distributed load or LOAD stamp.
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