How to set crane loads across cross-section of the building in PC LIRA?

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How to set crane loads across cross-section of the building in PC LIRA?
Tell me please, how properly set crane load cases for three-span frame? Each span has overhead traveling crane. That's how I propose to set crane load cases:
1.     First span Dmax on the left support, Dmin on the right one.
2.     First span Dmin on the left support, Dmax on the right one.
3.     First span brake (alternating) on the left support.
4.     First span brake (alternating) on the right support.
5.     6. Duplicate 3 and 4 load case, because brake load case could be set as accompanying just once.
A total of 6 load cases for one span, therefore it will be 3 for 18, will not it?
By the way, what is the difference between a crane, brake and short-term types of load cases in PC LIRA? Is the difference in duration of action? Indeed, in accordance to crane and brake loads relate to short-term loads, is not it? If, for example, set crane and brake load as short-term load-case, then it is possible not to set 5 and 6 load case, because short-term load case can be set several times as accompanying.

Is it correct to apply PRB (perfectly ridged body) for ledges modelling of two-member column, trusses relay with eccentricity and application of crane load? Alternatively, should it be done using offsets for bars?
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